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Agilent Technologies


Running more than one experiment at a time. Doing simultaneous calibrations and sample measurements. Performing thermal analysis at faster temperature ramp rates. The new Agilent Cary 3500 UV-Vis makes it all possible. Designed from the ground up, this innovative system will streamline your experimental design and amplify confidence in your results.

Measure samples at four temperatures, simultaneously

Perform four experiments in one

The Cary 3500 Multizone UV-Vis has no moving parts and allows up to four temperature zones to be configured. What’s more, each pair of cuvettes can be held at a different temperature—so you can do four experiments at once.

Temperature ramping, transformed

Confidence at any temperature ramp rate

Ramp at up to 30 °C/min and improve accuracy and reproducibility.

Measure calibration standards and samples, simultaneously

Create a standard curve and measure samples in less than 1 second

Measure your standards and sample concentrations at the same time, and under the same conditions—amplifying confidence in your results.

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Daihan Saintifika Indonesia, PT


DAIHAN 25 & 40 Lit Programmable Bench-top Steam Sterilizer “MaXterileTM BT”, 110~135 Class-Medical Device(NIDS) With Auto-Front Door, Pre- & Post-Vacuum System, Class-B Sterilization, Auto-Microprocessor Control, and Dual Door Lock SQUARE Chamber Autoclave, 2 Perforated STS Tray, HEPA Filter, Max 2.30 bar

“MaXcrubTM T1” Glass/Labware Washer, Max 85, Washing Surface 0.52 m2, 400Lit/min, Max 5bar With 1STS Wire Basket, Water-/Detergent-/Distilled Water-Auto Injection, Program Washing Cycle, Double Wall, Telescopic Rail.

Ditek Jaya, PT


New Nexera™ series


A New Benchmark of Intelligence

A New Benchmark of Efficiency

A New Benchmark of Design

Shimadzu has long been advancing the analytical performance of HPLC systems. At the same time, we recognize that overall efficiency depends not only on the performance of one instrument, but on the management of all devices within a lab. This realization leads us to now, a time in which AI capabilities have been incorporated to allow devices to detect and resolve issues automatically. In addition, lab management has been integrated using the Internet of Things (IoT) and device networking, making it simple to review the status of instruments and
optimize resource allocation. Building upon 40 years of experience in LC technology, the Nexera series is a family of UHPLC systems that marries these AI and IoT enhancements to set new industry standards in terms of intelligence, efficiency, and design.

Genstar Technologies Co., Inc.


Laboratory Tapping Point Stations Series

LRM series is a single-stage point-of-use regulator station with an integrated ball valve. A single body design eliminates dead space and reduces the number of potential leak points. Suitable for purity levels of Grade 6.0 (99.9999%) and higher, available in column- and wall-mounted options.


  Single-stage Regulator

  Metal-to-Metal Seal

  Integrated ball valve

  Optional needle valve

  Inlet Port Size: 1/4” NPT(F)

  Outlet Port Size: 1/8” NPT(F)

  2” Pressure Gauge

  Maximum inlet pressure: 500 psi

  Outlet pressure: 25 / 50 / 100 / 150 psi

  Safety test pressure: 1.5 x Maximum inlet pressure

  Temperature range: -40 to 165°F (-40 to 74°C)

  Leakage: 2 x 10 -8 He

  Maximum Cv: 0.06

  Weight: 4.4 lb (Column-mounted) , 3.0 lb (Wall-mounted) 


  Gas Chromatography

  Research Laboratories

  Process Analyzer

  Petrochemical Industry

  Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

To find out more about the Laboratory Tapping Point Stations, visit Genstar Technologies at Booth N13, 22-24 April 2020, at Jakarta Convention Centre.

Roche Real Time Pcr

LightCycler® 96 System

Brand : Roche, Swiss



Plate-based real-time PCR system with 96-well block

Temperature gradient (assay optimization)

Standalone system (integrated PC)

Touchscreen with separate instrument software (free to load on any PC)

Dynamic range of 10 log

Sensitivity of one copy

4-plex multicolor

Runtime of less than 1 hour

Applications: Absolute Quantification, Relative Quantification, Endpoint Genotyping, Melting Curve Analysis

Intuitive state-of-the-art software

PC analysis software can be loaded free of charge on any PC

Karunia Jasindo, PT

In year 2020, PT. Karunia Jasindo, have an upgrade the product range, that completing our existing line of laboratory solution for our customers.

PACKTEST is the most simplified analysis instrument for water quality check in easiest and accurate way.

MICROGEN Bioproduct are Food Safety and Clinical Tools for your confident result,

Kylt® products feature PCR-based, easy to use protocols with a focus on high quality, namely reliability, and best in class sensitivity. Make simplify detection of a large variety of pathogens of major economic importance in the livestock and food production industries around the world especially Indonesia.

Keyence Indonesia, PT

KEYENCE products are designed to add value to our customers' manufacturing and research processes. Our in-house research and development team is constantly looking to improve our product offerings to better meet and exceed our customers' expectations. KEYENCE products are engineered to be versatile, so they can be used in every industry and solve a wide variety of applications. We strive to offer the world's best products for today and tomorrow's application needs.

KEYENCE digital microscope VHX -7000 Series make observation fast, simple and easy. This versatile system is mainly used in laboratories or quality assurance and research & development departments. In VHX-7000 Series, we can get:

Ø  Fully FOCUS with automatic zoom from 20x to 6000x and 4K picture

Ø  The image can be saved and shared EASILY

Ø  Perform a WIDE VARIETY of measurements with just one device

We also can provide demonstration with your sample on your site to let you know how this microscope can helps you more effective and efficient

Science Lab Equipment & Teacher Resources

Delivering Digital Content, Modern Technologies, and Professional Development

Powered by PASCO

Our hands-on probeware and datalogging solutions connect your students directly to science and STEM concepts with classroom technology such as sensors, interfaces and data collection and analysis software. We also design and manufacture high quality lab equipment for physics and engineering and offer complete curriculum (textbooks, e-Books and integrated lab technology) for physics, chemistry, biology, environmental science, and K-8 Science.

Our rugged, low cost wireless sensors connect directly to computers, Chromebooks, and mobile devices to allow students to quickly collect data, leaving more time for analyzing and interpreting data.

A New Category Of Automated Microwave Digestion

NovaWAVE is a new, fully automated, sample digestion tunnel employing 12 dynamically created microwave minicavities to simultaneously process 12 samples in Quartz or fluoropolymer vessels. Up to total digestion 168 samples in same time with different method.

Ø Process up to twice as many samples per day compared to conventional microwave digestion systems

Ø Control temperature of each sample independently

Ø Digest 12 samples simultaneously in 10 minutes or less

Ø Digest, cool and vent 168 samples completely automatically - no human intervention

Ø Independent and unique sample digestion tunnel, auto-cooling and auto-venting stations

A&D Apollo Series Flow Rate Measurement

Flow rate is determined from the weight variation that occurs during a given interval. Many operators time this interval by using a stopwatch. Besides being troublesome and error-prone, this method does not allow precise recording of flow rates that vary from moment to moment because the interval used to divide the weight variation (calculation time) is too long

A&D Apollo Series can calculate and display the mass flow rate (the unit of measure can be selected from g/s, g/m or g/h), or the volume flow rate (mL/s, mL/m or mL/h) by entering the density of the material. Both the display refresh rate and calculation time (set either manually between 1 second and 1 hour or automatically according to the selected level of responsiveness to weight/flow rate variation) are regulated by the same internal clock of the balance, allowing measurements to be precisely performed without the time disparity problem .