Here’s what our exhibitors had to say about Lab Indonesia 2022

This year was a very exciting one. We participated in an exhibition where many visitors visited our booth and built new networks with potential partners. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, I was confident that everyone was excited to visit and participate in the exhibition, see the products, and meet face-to-face. So, I believe this is another successful exhibition this year. The organisers have done an excellent job and all I can say is everything went well. Great job Lab Indonesia! Thank you.
Kenny Fu
Sales Manager – ECOSAFE
Sven Kretschmer
Lab Indonesia is very good. I was very surprised that so many visitors came over the whole day, not only in the morning but also in the evening. The continuous stream of visitors here was actually nice and interesting. Fantastic! I like how this event was organized, nice upfront communication as well. It is a good marketing opportunity. The quality of customers were not only small visitors, but really big companies also came to source to improve their quality. It is a value-added performance for us here in Indonesia. We are quite satisfied.
Antje Tandetzky
Sales Director - ELLECOM GMBH
This is my first time participating at Lab Indonesia. We love being closer to the Indonesian manufacturers and to help them to gain more opportunities in Europe. I will invite more companies to join Lab Indonesia, not only as exhibitors, but also as visitors. There are many sophisticated technologies and innovations; and definitely worth a visit. The preparation was very good and continue to do good work Lab Indonesia team. In general the implementation is pretty good. I felt that interest between the public and businessmen in this industry especially petroleum and food laboratory are quite good. This fact is proven, as many came and filled out the forms that we provided.

Here’s what our buyers had to say about Lab Indonesia 2022

We got a lot of information about what methods are updated, chemicals, and what kind of tools are in line with our ministry, towards 4.0. Lab Indonesia 2022 was very interesting for it has provided us with a lot of information about the latest knowledge and technology, with how we can make testing faster, more flexible, and more efficient. This really helps us from all regions, to get the information we need as a whole.
Leni Evayanti
Fungsional Penguji Mutu Barang - BSPJI Palembang
H. Riko Ijami, SKM. MKes,. CWPCM.
Head of UPTD Health Laboratory, South Kalimantan
Lab Indonesia 2022 is highly appreciated and is very beneficial for the laboratory industry. We met several potential partners and we have increased our knowledge by attending the conferences and seminars. As health laboratory activators, we are inspired to adapt to the rapid development of laboratory technology.