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LabIndonesia 2018 Post Show Report Released, Data Shows Growth Beyond Initial Targets

LabIndonesia 2018 Post Show Report Relea...

We are pleased to announce the release of our post...

LabIndonesia Day 2 Highlights

LabIndonesia Day 2 Highlights

Day 2 of LabIndonesia started off w...

LabIndonesia Day 1 Highlights

LabIndonesia Day 1 Highlights

LabIndonesia 2018 opened its doors to a phenomenal...

LabIndonesia Opens Tomorrow!

LabIndonesia Opens Tomorrow!

Indonesia’s only platform for fut...

Enjoy 10% Off For Being A LabIndonesia Participant!

Enjoy 10% Off For Being A LabIndonesia P...

Being a visitor or exhibitor of Lab...

Registration for One2One Business Matching 2018 is now closed.

Registration for One2One Business Matchi...

Dear Visitor, Registration for LabIndonesia 2018 O...

One2One Business Matching Now Open For Registration!


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Visa Requirements

Exhibitors & Visitors must be in possession of national passport or other internationally recognized travel documents, endorsed for traveling in Indonesia and with a period of at least 6 months beyond the time of stay allowed in Indonesia.

Exhibitor and Visitors to Indonesia must obtain a visa from one of the Indonesian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or one of the countries eligible for visa on arrival (as indicated below). All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months, even those with visa free access.

Visa application is NOT required for citizens of these following regions for a stay up to 30 days in Indonesia:

01.Brunei Darussalam 02. Cambodia 03. Chile 04. Ecuador 05. Hong Kong
06. Laos 07. Macao 08. Malaysia 09. Morocco 10. Myanmar
11. Peru 12.The Philippines 13. Singapore 14. Thailand 15. Vietnam

Visa on Arrival is available at the designated point of entry (airport/seaport). The 62 eligible countries for visa on arrival are as follows:

01. Algeria 02. Arab Emirates 03. Argentina 04. Australia 05. Austria 06. Bahrain
07. Belgium 08. Brazil 09. Bulgaria 10. Canada 11. Cyprus 12. Czech Republic
13. Denmark 14. Egypt 15. Estonia 16. Fiji 17. Finland 18. France
19. Germany 20. Greece 21. Hungary 22. Iceland 23. India 24. Ireland
25. Italy 26. Japan 27. Kuwait 28. Latvia 29. Libya 30. Liechtenstein
31. Lithuania 32. Luxembourg 33. Maldives 34. Malta 35. Mexico 36. Monaco
37. The Netherlands 38. Norway 39. New Zealand 40. Oman 41. PR of China 42. Panama
43. Poland 44. Portugal 45. Qatar 46. Romania 47. Russia 48. Saudi Arabia
49. Slovakia 50. Slovenia 51. South Africa 52. South Korea 53. Spain 54. Suriname
55. Sweden 56. Switzerland 57. Taiwan 58. Turkey 59. Timor – Leste 60. Tunisia
61. USA 62. United Kingdom

a. Visa Requirements:

b. Procedures

Please take note that the above info is subject to changes from the Indonesian authorities. You are hereby advised to check again with the nearest Indonesian embassy at least 1 month in advance prior to your trip in the event of any changes to the visa requirements.

For assistance, please write to us at info (at) lab-asia.com.

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