Here’s what our exhibitors and visitors had to say about LabIndonesia 2016

We are here to source and evaluate distributors and partners that help us to develop the market in Indonesia. So far I was really amazed and surprised on how busy and how many fantastic occasion and products I saw here. There are a lot opportunities for me and organisation. I am glad to be here and I saw a lot of high tech specialize companies covering Indonesia and Southeast Asia. It’s very important for me to be here and to profit from all the possibilities that are given to us in the context in Lab Indonesia.
Pascal Rosselet
Project Manager of Renggli Laboratory System, Switzerland
Wally Taal
Sales Manager Asia Pacific of Fundermax, Austria
We are looking for people who build laboratory as partner. The exhibition better compare to 2 years ago. It looks a lot busier. The investment in laboratory in Indonesia, in terms of government and private sectors, is good for the future.
This is my first time visiting. I enjoyed the show and the crowd is pretty good. There are some interesting manufacturers and distributors whom we can work. I have learned a lot about Indonesia market. I will be here again.
John Robles
Shield Scientific, Malaysia
Julien Cabon
Business Development Manager – South East Asia, Interscience
We have an office in Singapore and we hope to get closer to distributors and end users in Indonesia. There is a huge market in Indonesia for microbiology due to the increasing awareness on food & pharma quality, therefore we take part this year in Lab Indonesia. The show is well-organised. We are overwhelmed by the visitors who are interested to know more about our products. The crowd is good and the respond is positive. We will join again for the next edition.
This is my first time to Lab Indonesia, as a visitor I really appreciate Lab Indonesia. Lab Indonesia has provided what we wanted, all information we needed in terms of methods, equipment, and networking experienced. So Lab Indonesia is excellent! I hope Lab Indonesia continues to held an exhibition like this, and invite laboratories not only provinces but also in various district areas, in the future.
BTKL Makassar, Indonesia
Zdeněk Hruška
Head of Sales Department, Kavalierglass, a.s., Czech Republic
We are the biggest producer for laboratory glassware in the world. We have distributors around the world. This is our first time here in Indonesia to look for local distributors. We produce apparatuses, tubes and glassware that are sold mainly in Europe, and we would like to maximize our brand existence in Indonesia. Indonesia is very potential country for laboratory products. There are many good and potential distributors here in Lab Indonesia. I would like to participate in 2018 because the market is growing and I am very satisfied with the exhibition.
This is our first time in Lab Indonesia. We are excited to be here. The market is growing and there is huge potential here in Indonesia. The show is great and we had a lot of attention. I think we have a lot potential to grow. The reason we invest in Lab Indonesia is because we see the big potential in the market and we think we will grow. We hope to get our products in front of the customers and hope to get distributors and investors to grow the market for us. We will be in Lab Indonesia 2018 for sure.
Jim Romenesko
Director of Whirl-Pak® Sales, USA
Sushil Bapat
Vice President - International Business of Labindia Analytical Instruments Pvt. Ltd, India
Indonesia has been seen as a potential market for pharmaceutical industry and the economy is good, so we hope to capitalize on that. We are here, first time, to display the products to the pharma industry. The company sees Indonesia as a good market for these. We are looking for more contacts and distributors. I visited Lab Indonesia previously and satisfied with the vistorship, hence we are here today.
It’s my pleasure to be here in Lab Indonesia. We are happy to present our latest development of spectrometers, inductive magnetic stirrers and liquid handling products to the audience and visitors. Lab Indonesia is a very good exhibition to show latest development. The visitors are interested to see new products and the latest technologies that we developed. We had presentation in the seminar session here and the audience is interested to know more. We hope to further develop our contact to Indonesia users, dealers and partners to support our products and help us to locate in Indonesia. Definitely, we have plan to join the next edition to display our products in the pipeline.
Klaus Englert
Managing Director from EMCLAB Instruments, Germany
Tenggara Kardinal
Director of Metrohm Indonesia
I think Lab Indonesia this year the size of the exhibition hall two times larger than previous edition. So far the results are pretty good. Our principal is satisfied with the response too so I was quite looking forward to come again.