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Libra Emas Permata, PT

Flow rate is determined from the weight variation that occurs during a given interval. Many operators time this interval by using a stopwatch. Besides being troublesome and error-prone, this method does not allow precise recording of flow rates that vary from moment to moment because the interval used to divide the weight variation (calculation time) is too long

A&D Apollo Series can calculate and display the mass flow rate (the unit of measure can be selected from g/s, g/m or g/h), or the volume flow rate (mL/s, mL/m or mL/h) by entering the density of the material. Both the display refresh rate and calculation time (set either manually between 1 second and 1 hour or automatically according to the selected level of responsiveness to weight/flow rate variation) are regulated by the same internal clock of the balance, allowing measurements to be precisely performed without the time disparity problem .

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