Pavilions Featured in LabIndonesia 2018

For many decades, Chinese manufacturers have relied upon their price competitiveness to market their products. In recent years however, we are witnessing a rapid shift from being price competitive, to being a technological innovator in many industry sectors.

To showcase this great leap in Chinese technical progress, LabIndonesia is proud to host the China Pavilion for the fourth consecutive edition, featuring not only exhibitors that you are familiar with, but also new participants introducing their products and services to the Indonesian laboratory scene for the very first time.


German lab equipment manufacturers are not only well known for producing quality products, but also offer unparalleled customized solutions suited for each laboratories’ needs.

This year’s German Pavilion is a must visit, as the pavilion will be 100% larger than the previous edition, bringing to you new exhibitors, and even more products & services to cater to any laboratory needs!


India’s pharmaceutical & medical industries are globally recognized for decades. The large amount of laboratory supplies & equipment demanded by the pharma & medical industries has in turn driven the growth of many local manufacturers and suppliers of reagents, labwares, and consumables.

LabIndonesia 2018 will be hosting some of India’s finest equipment and supplies manufacturers, and invites you to meet these exhibitors:


The tagline “Future Ready” by Singapore’s Economic Development Board aptly describes the Singaporean mindset: Getting ready for a high-tech economic future at any expense. This is reflected by the numerous manufacturers and distributors of high-tech lab equipment in Singapore, well supported by the government and ready to meet any scientific needs regionally.

LabIndonesia is proud to host the Singapore Pavilion for the 4th consecutive year, and supported by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation. This edition will feature over 20 Singaporean manufacturers and distributors of lab equipment.

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