Lab Indonesia 2016 On Its Way

Countdown 5 months to Lab Indonesia 2016, the team is in full force fixing the bits and pieces of the exhibition, ready to present an industry-shock in April 2016!

The exhibition takes up space of 4,281 sqm, with international pavilions from Indonesia, Singapore, India, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan and UK. Update to date, 55% of space has been sold and the rest are in hot demand.

Lab Indonesia has also got strong associations and government support, from Ministry of Tourism (Kementerian Pariwisata), Agency for the Assessment and Application Technology (Badan Pengkajian Dan Penerapan Teknologi), Indonesian Chemical Society (Himpunan Kimia Indonesia), The Indonesia Association of Medical Laboratory Technolgist (Persatuan Ahli Teknologi Laboratorium Medik Indonesia), Masyarakat Standardisasi Indonesia (MASTAN), Himpunan Profesi Analis Kimia Indonesia (HIMPAKI)  and Lab Mania. These supports further affirmed the position of Lab Indonesia as one of the key industry events in the country, and guaranteed the quality of the exhibition.

5 months to the show, we are now calling all manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory & scientific instruments to take advantage of this well-recognised platform to push your business to a higher level. Sign up now at before the space is sold out.

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