$20 million research funding boosts research on cattle farming in Indonesia

Source from: Australia Business Financing Centre
The government of Australia has provided $20 million in research funding to Indonesia. The country will use the funds over six years to improve research on cattle.
Indonesian government receives $20 million for research funding
The provided research funding of $20 million is part of the IndoBeef project which itself is part of the ongoing aid provided for Indonesia. Australian researchers have already provided support to Indonesia's cattle industry in the past three years. The research has helped Indonesian cattle farmers to reduce the dying rate of calves from 30% to 10 per cent.
Achieving better cattle management
One of the goals of the program is to achieve better cattle management, which means more money for Indonesian cattle owners. Especially smallholder farmers in Eastern Indonesia are supported by the program who aims at teaching farmers how to better feed and manage their cattle as well as providing education about health. Research funding for small cattle farmers is important because cattle farming is most often the only way out of poverty and brings in a regular income for people in Indonesia.
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