Lithium Ion Battery Production

The lithium-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery also was known as a high energy density and low self-discharge.  Li-ion batteries have been employed in portable electronics, power tools, and hybrid/full electric vehicles and widely used for most of the application related to the electronic and home electronics. Lithium-ion battery technology has undergone a transformation growth rapidly years by years to achieve the future technologies which are able to charge in second and last for a long period. The process of lithium-ion battery production was involved in producing anode & cathode material by mixing process and coating process. Assembling stage is the process where coin cell, cylinder cell, and pouch cell was formed and to ensure the battery was performed, the battery has undergone severals testing process to ensure the quality of the battery in top performance.

Lab Indonesia 2018

Company                     : PT KGC Saintifik
Booth                           : B14

Nature of business      : Trading & Distributor

Product Range            : Scientific and laboratory equipment, advanced material research equipment, nanotechnology, lithium ion battery research, fuel and solar cell and high-tech equipment such as Thermal evaporation system, Ebeam, high vacuum sputtering system, Pulse Laser Deposition System and Vacuum Chamber.

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